Preparing For a Flood Damage Cleanout

When your home is flooded due to an accident with the plumbing system, there’s a good chance you can lessen the damage by addressing some of the key issues before things get worse. First, shut off all the water sources before your water system even fails, especially if need be.

This will prevent water from soaking into the floor and carpeting, and it will also reduce the amount of water seeping in through cracks and crevices that may exist throughout your home. Next, check for any leaks or other issues before you go looking for professional help for your flood damage cleanup. If you notice any holes, broken pipes or other leaks that may be causing your water to escape the house, call a plumber immediately.

Any type of break in the piping system that could cause damage to your home could very well be a sign of more flooding to come, so if you find one, repair or replace it immediately as high degree of damage could result from a broken pipe. Once you’ve addressed these issues, use your emergency cleaning supplies on the rest of the home, including any wood or metal furniture that may be damaged by water.

Even if you haven’t experienced flooding, you’re likely to encounter it at some point, particularly when the weather turns hot and the moisture starts to fill up your outdoor space. You should make sure the outside area of your home and pool areas are dry before you attempt to use your swimming pool again. Also, try to keep any water-logged items out of your yard, like lawn equipment, as they will slowly add to your water problem.

Finally, use your emergency cleaning supplies to clean up any wet carpets, drapes and furniture if you believe any water is leaking into them. The worst thing you can do right now is an attempt to clean up water on your own, so be sure to ask a professional to do this job if you’re not experienced with doing it yourself. It could end up ruining your furniture and drapes or even worse, causing permanent damage to your carpets. Soaking the carpets in a solution that includes bleach and water to kill mold and mildew is an effective solution for removing dirt and stains, and preventing water from dripping into the floor and carpeting.

If you have a water-damaged home that you want to take care of yourself, do your best to ensure that you’re doing things correctly the first time you attempt to clean out the damage you see. by following all the steps outlined above.