The Kromrivier Hiking Trail – A Hiking Experience

kromrivier hiking trail

A popular attraction, the Kromrivier Hiking Trail is a combination of nature and art. For hikers, the trail offers an ideal getaway and also a great way to explore the Limestone Coast in the most favorable conditions. The Kromrivier Hiking Trail follows the coastal path up towards the beach. It makes a perfect excursion for the people who love the beach life. The natural beauty of this region makes it a perfect destination for nature lovers. The beach at the mouth of Limestone Coast has been a well-loved picnic spot for locals and tourists for decades.

The trail starts from the beach at the end of the road called Boulogne. Here, you can expect to see many different types of marine life and beautiful landscapes. The flora and fauna along the trail will surely leave you spellbound and fascinate you. But if you are a keen hiker, then you would surely be interested in the walking experience that the trail offers.

The hike up the Kromrivier Hiking Trail is a challenging one for sure. Especially for beginners, treading on the smooth surfaces can be quite difficult. So, make sure that you have sufficient endurance and strength before starting the trek. The walking track up to the cottage at the end of the hiking trail will definitely be a challenge for you.

The hike starts from the sea shore, where there are plenty of places for resting. Apart from that, there are also some spectacular views available from here. As you proceed along the trail, you will pass many lush coastal plants and a few rugged overhanging cliffs. Some of the flora and fauna will be also a sight along your way. The flora and fauna of the area provide a rich habitat for wildlife. There are several interesting species of birds that you might be able to spot walking along the trail.

As you progress along the trail, you will come across viewpoints that will provide you with some excellent panoramas. On the way, you will come across a picturesque cove with an offshore rock promenade. This cove is perfect for swimming and other water-based activities such as surfing. Further along, you will come across a campsite set in a pine plantation. Here, you will enjoy the delicious meals that are being served during your stay in the campsite. Just about every facility that you could possibly need, such as drinking water and toilet facility, are available here.

When you decide to make this trek, it is important to have all the right gears. Hiking boots are essential, as the hiking trail is a rough one. It is better to go in shoes that offer you good support and also absorb the shocks. It is also important to carry a lantern in case of emergency. The Kromrivier Hiking Trail has been made safe by the local authorities and is considered to be a beautiful hiking trail.